ESSENTRICS® | Dynamic Stretching & Strengthening

ESSENTRICS® is a dynamic stretching and strengthening workout that increases mobility, strength, flexibility and range of motion using eccentric lengthening and strengthening of all the body's muscles and muscle chains.

This program is suitable for all age groups and fitness levels. Derived from Tai Chi, ballet and physiotherapy, Essentrics uses gentle, flowing movements to rebalance the body, increase energy, relieve pain and prevent injury.

This gentle, low impact practice allows you to see changes in your body quite rapidly. Classes are designed to leave you feeling rejuvenated, rebalanced and supported, standing a little taller, and moving more freely.


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For more, please visit the Essentrics website.


My classes are fun yet challenging and provide a safe environment to try new things with your body. I create a positive and motivational atmosphere in which you learn to move deeper in a comfortable way, leaving you feeling lighter, stronger, and more flexible, and hopefully with a smile on your face, too.

A Certified Level 2 Essentrics instructor, I’m trained in the fundamental principles of the program, as well as its signature trademark exercises, including the anatomy and physiology behind the movements. My intention is not only to help you move better but also to teach you more about how your body works and how this program is designed and executed for maximum results.

An hour spent with me is never an hour wasted. Taking time to assess your needs is important to me and I want to see you succeed. I believe any movement is good for the body and that this program is designed to help any body feel better.

I want to work with you if you feel you need to bring your physical body into balance because you either spend too much time being idle or, on the other end of the spectrum, find you're doing too much concentric strengthening, and are restricted in your muscles and joints. Through continuous, fluid movement that challenges your body's flexibility, let's work together to increase your range of motion, elevate your vitality and shape your overall health.

CLASS TYPES | Let’s Move Together 

1-hour or 45 minute group, private, or corporate classes tailored to your mobility needs that unlock your body, increase your flexibility, and free you from pain.


It uses everyday movements and motions that engage full muscle chains within your body, allowing for joints to open, muscles to increase flexibility, and pain to subside.

It increases your energy levels, improves your posture, protects your bones and joints, improves your mobility, balance, and body awareness in other activities like yoga and competitive sports, and gives you your body back.

It tones your body without strenuous movements and increases your overall mobility, making moving through life that much easier.


Let’s take 15 minutes to get to know each other before we decide to work together. This phone call is intended for you to express your goals and expectations and for us to see whether we're a good fit for each other.



Personalized classes held privately, in-home, customized to suit your personal physical needs and goals. A private class is for you if:

you don’t have time to get to a studio, but want to fit in workouts at home

you don’t enjoy group classes, preferring to work on your fitness from home

you want extra attention as you move, getting help to work through your limitations or enhancing your personal practice

Contact for availability and rates.


Uplifting classes held in a corporate studio or shared work space designed to loosen up your tight muscles and increase energy to get you through your day. Corporate classes are great for a team to:

find more energy to get through a busy day

incorporate movement in a more static work environment

build community and positive reinforcement among colleagues

Contact for availability and rates.


Dynamic classes held in-studio or a designated outdoor location that will motivate you to move creatively, leaving you feeling lighter, taller, and stronger. Group classes are for you if:

you want to build upon other practices in your repertoire

you vibe off the energy of others

you love to be challenged by a live instructor, building your practice week after week

Find a live class below.

Or, book a pop up class at your chosen location.


Janette M. (Vancouver, B.C.)

Janette M. (Vancouver, B.C.)

"My first session with Jacquie was great. She provided a comfortable and safe space for me to try a new practice. I had never tried Essentrics before so I was unsure of what to expect. Jacquie made sure I was feeling good throughout our 1 hr session and she was a really great teacher - showing how to properly do each move and allowing for adjustments where needed. I left our session feeling lighter and good in my body. It was definitely a challenging workout but one that my body now craves. There is truly nothing like it."

Alannah C. (Toronto, O.N.)

Alannah C. (Toronto, O.N.)

"Jacquie is so great! I did her class at a time when I bruised my tailbone. Working up a sweat and doing  her modified positioning helped me heal so much faster and allowed me to get the most out of her class! She is very knowledgeable, motivating and makes the class really fun! I highly recommend her!!!"

Jillian R. (Vancouver, B.C.)

Jillian R. (Vancouver, B.C.)

“I took an Essentrics class with Jacquie during a time when I was having quite a lot of back issues. I hadn't been doing any exercise for quite a while and was nervous that this workout would be something I wasn't able to do, or it would aggravate my back issues even more. I felt so empowered during the class as it was totally doable while still feeling like I was getting a great workout. Jacquie gave me lot's of personal cue's to help me with modifying for my particular needs. I would definitely recommend Essentrics with Jacquie for people just getting back into fitness after being away from it for awhile!“

Erika W. (Vancouver, B.C.)

Erika W. (Vancouver, B.C.)

"Jacqueline taught myself and my team an eccentrics class, and it was the perfect combination of being gentle on the body, while also feeling like I was challenging everyone of my muscles. The hour long class was fun and dynamic, a great workout, and something totally unique. I loved it!"