When a New Year Comes: Part 1


When each year comes to an end, do you reflect on all that went down in your life? I’ve taken on a tradition, passed on to me from friends, to write out my accomplishments from the previous year. I like to make note of all the things I did that were meaningful to me so I won’t forget, because I can easily forget the abundance I have in my life and I’d like to be more grateful for it.

Today I sat down with a warm beverage and wrote out everything I did during the 2017 year that was noteworthy to me - from finally cutting my hair short to WWOOFing for two months in the BC Interior. I ended up documenting almost 30 events in just one hour and felt great after writing them down! Every year, even though it feels like time flies, I am still shocked at how much I took in and experience in just 365 days. 

Feel like giving it a shot?

This exercise isn’t just for bragging to yourself. It’s also useful for you to face the events in your life that were really hard, the ones that helped you grow, shaped you and made you a better person. It isn’t necessarily an easy process to undergo. It can be really fun, but also cathartic, so be prepared for it all. I promise you’ll feel great by the end of it.

Start with the things you're really excited about having done and move backward. Scroll through your Facebook page and Instagram feed, or call up a friend and reminisce. The memories will flow through you onto paper.

Remember you are only one person and you can’t do it all in a year, nor should you. Events both big and small are noteworthy, as are both successes and failures. Everything in life is meaningful if you let it be, so take pride in your life, no matter the shape it takes.

However this can be most easily accomplished for you, do it that way. Write, create a photo board or make a video. Keep it personal or show your family and friends. Create it all at once or over the span of a week. Laugh or cry, whatever feels right.

I hope you find this practice useful. Writing things down makes them real and it’s healthy for us to embrace positive experiences, as well as facing and releasing negative ones so we can continue to grow. Reflection is rehabilitation. 

Best of luck!