Why I Juice My Vegetables...and then Drink Them

No, I'm not nuts. Lots of people do this. Trust me. And I didn't just wake up one morning craving vegetable juice. There was a time when I was turned off by the thought of drinking it, because I thought all vegetable juice would taste like a Mott's Clamato...and I loathe tomato juice!

Getting used to incorporating this type of beverage into my diet took time - to adapt to the idea, to understand the process and benefits behind it, and for my palate to catch up. Now that I'm in love with it I crave it all the time. It's refreshing and always makes me feel good.

One of the reasons I enjoy it is because it's a really easy way for a smack load of nutrients to flood my body, giving me energy. No, there isn't much (if any) fibre in pressed vegetable/fruit juice, but I do like to save the pulp that's leftover and use it in other baked goods and dips.

I always feel energized for a few hours after drinking a juice and I don't get a buzz and subsequent crash from it like I would from coffee or other caffeinated drinks. With juice, my cells are being nourished directly. It takes effect right away because juice bypasses digestion and is absorbed into my cells starting at my mouth. Wicked cool!

Nerdy part over.

You know when you get something for free that normally wouldn't excite you, but is so much better because it's free? Well, that's why I make my own juice! Aside from the fact that I'm saving a lot of money making it at home, i's so much more satisfying to know I prepared it and get to drink it right after it's been pressed.

Here's one I made today, and am consuming now...

Recipe Rewrite: Apple Lemon Ginger Juice with Cayenne

Servings: 2
Time: 20 minutes
Taste: Sweet & Tart

Equipment: Juicer or High-powered Blender
Inspiration: Glory Juice Co.'s #5 Juice


3 medium-sized Ambrosia apples
1 small lemon
1" ginger root
1 dash dried cayenne pepper


1. Wash all ingredients with cold water.
2. Peel the lemon. If using a blender, peel the apple and ginger, as well.
3. Cut all ingredients as per juicer instructions (cut smaller for press, leave whole for masticating) or into 2" cubes for a blender.
4. Juice items, separating the pulp. If using a blender, blend all ingredients together until mostly juicy.
5. Strain juice through a sieve. If blended, drink as is to keep the fibre or strain our some of the pulp with a sieve, pressing the pulp with a spoon to let out the juice.
6. Place juice in a sealable jar and shake in cayenne pepper.
7. Split into 2 glasses or keep it in the jar (all...for...yourself).
8. Drink up and be energized :)


DON'T WANT TO MESS UP ON YOUR FIRST TRY? I borrowed this recipe and tailored it a bit from a juicery I used to work at, but made it in the proportions I craved and added some cayenne for a kick. If you're already drinking juice and not making it at home, but want to, try starting by trying to emulate a juice you already purchase from a supplier and LOVE!

DRINKING JUICE IN THE WINTER? This juice can be gently warmed up on the stove top to be a warming beverage first thing in the morning!