Orange Immunity Juice

You love OJ. I know you do. And it's summer, so why not guzzle some up? Especially if you are feeling a little under the weather.

When you're sick, you need a lot of nutrients and FAST. The problem is that a lot of store-bought OJ is pasteurized, which is meant to kill off any bacteria so it can last longer on store shelves, but it also drastically reduces the nutrient content.

Juice is best when freshly squeezed. So, the safest bet is to make some yourself! It's easy, trust me...


Making juice from scratch keeps the nutrients in tact, giving liquid nutrition to your cells and getting you feeling better fast! This drink is high in nutrient value, specifically those involved in healing the immune system:

  • Oranges, lemons and turmeric all have high amounts of vitamin C content, which is a staple nutrient in healing as it provides immune & adrenal (stress) support.

  • Oranges & turmeric root are both high in B vitamins, especially folate and B6, respectively, both essential for stress support, metabolism and regeneration of cells.

  • Turmeric root is anti-inflammatory, as well as high in magnesium to relax the body, and extremely high in iron to support the body's energy stores while it recuperates.

  • Plus, it's fun to make and SO YUMMY!! What's better than a silky smooth juice to sip while you relax on the couch (or in a patio chair in the backyard, it is summer after all), nursing a cold?


Whether you're sick, feeling something coming on, or preventing illness during cold & flu season, this drink is for you! If you don't have a juicer, just blend the ingredients together until liquid, then strain out the pulp. Try it out and let me know what you think!

RECIPE: Orange Immunity Juice

ACTION: immune-boosting & Digestion enhancing


5 medium oranges
1 medium lemon
1-2 inches turmeric root


1. Peel citrus fruits and chop them into cubes to fit in mouth of the juicer.
2. Wash and roughly chop the turmeric root, removing skin only if too dirty or gnarly.
3. Juice all ingredients as per juicer instructions.
4. Strain out pulp and enjoy!