Why I Hate Searching for Recipes Online


This post is dedicated to those whose websites have led me to write this post. It's not a bashing, it's just my way of trying to spark change.

Lately, I've been cooking more and more for other people and in the process, developing meal plans on a regular basis. I love trying new recipes, flavours, and cuisines, which leads me to have to source new recipes online quite often. 

As you can probably tell, the internet is inundated with recipes. That's why I usually tap into certain websites that I favour more often than not to find my recipes, but even they can only take me so far. Every client is different and tailoring menus can lead me to challenge the internet and its content to find just what I'm looking for for that client.

In doing so, I've become frustrated. Too often am I unable to utilize the very resource the website I'm visiting is intending for me to use - the recipe! And here's why:

The recipe is at the end of a very long blog post / photo shoot

I know you know what I'm talking about. You click on that recipe link in hopes of seeing a recipe before your eyes, but instead you have to scroll through an entire blog post and photo shoot to get to it. If I'm visiting a website for a recipe, I want the recipe...not a story.

The website is so bogged down with advertisements it doesn't work

If I visit a website for a recipe and can't move through the website with ease, or see the recipe, or have to keep clicking 'x' to get past the internet guardians just to see the recipe, then I leave immediately. Sorry, but the recipe doesn't make the cut if there's loads of barriers in my way just to see it.

This one bothers me the most because it automatically depreciates the value of not only the website, but the message. A website with too many advertisements tells me it's sole purpose is to make money and not to serve the guest. Not to mention, it's annoying as hell!

It's not only that I find it a bit debilitating to search for and read through recipe posts, but I feel for my clients and those who may not as practiced to sift through recipes online. There are a lot of great recipes to share that live on the web, but I don't want to deter my clients from using them as inspiration to create great home cooked meals tailored to their dietary needs.

As an entrepreneur new to the process of documenting and publishing my own recipes, I am determined to not allow these pitfalls happen to my website. And I know it can be done, too! Here are just a few websites that do it really well. They get to the point and give you the goods without hiding it behind advertisements:





In the same vein, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming changes to my website, including a new "Recipes" section for quick and easy, story & ad-free access to all my recipes! And expect it to stay this way, because my purpose is to give you what you want, not piss you off ;)