Farm-Inspired Breakfast


I picked up this trick on the farm last year and have been loving using it this week to make my breakfasts more quick and wholesome, since I'm sick of smoothies! The whole process takes only 15 minutes...that's right, 15 minutes! It's the quickest meal I can think of, short of reheating leftovers.

It should also be noted that this recipe can be used for any meal of the day. This week I ate it for breakfast one day and lunch the next. It also lends itself to be a super brain-boosting meal if you amp up the healthy fat content with some of the optional additions I note below in the recipe.

All ingredients are fresh and in season right now. So, hit up the farmer's market this weekend and try making it next week! Enjoy.


RECIPE: Farm-Inspired Breakfast

Servings: 1-2
Time: 15 minutes
Taste: Earthy & Balanced
Action: Nourishing & Brain-Boosting


1/2T coconut oil
1/2 bunch green curly kale
10-12 cherry tomatoes
1/4 medium zucchini
2 eggs
1T green onions
sea salt & black pepper (to taste)
optional additions:
1/2 avocado
1-2T coconut flakes
1/2T hemp seeds


1. Wash veggies.
2. Remove stems from kale and chop kale into large pieces.
3. Slice zucchini into coins, halve the tomatoes, and chop the green onions.
4. Melt coconut oil in a medium frying pan on medium heat.
5. Add kale, then zucchini & tomatoes, then crack eggs and gently place on top of veggies in pan. Add sea salt & black pepper, just a touch of each, and cover with a lid, reducing heat to medium-low.
6. Let sit for 5 minutes, or until eggs have just cooked over (opaque, but still runny inside). 
7. Remove from heat and plate immediately, topping with green onions and any additions you so choose. Enjoy!