Do You Need A Routine To Stay Healthy?


I've been talking a lot lately with others, as well as seeing signs in my own life, about cycles and how things come in waves. The seasons certainly play a big role in the cycles we experience in our lives and summer brings a time of exploration, which can lead to shift. But how do we navigate that shift without becoming mislead? Enter routine!

I don't know about you, but when my schedule is constantly changing my body forgets what to do. Like the universe, my body needs to follow a rhythm. Otherwise, it's constantly trying to adapt to its surroundings and playing catch up instead of relaxing into the swing of things. When my body doesn't know what each day will bring my poop schedule goes out the window (think about the last time you went on holidays out of the country and how long it took you to poop), as does my appetite. At the same time my anxiety grows.

That's why I love having a routine - something to rely on and keep me grounded while my life goes off on different tangents. Lately, that hasn't really been the case. As my business is growing, I'm rolling with the punches as my schedule figures itself out and let me tell you, right now it's nothing short of unstable! Time for me to get back to a routine, like the one below, so I can let everything else settle in place.

what my routine usually looks like

Honestly, I didn't even think I had a routine until I stopped having one. That's what made it routine. Here's how it went:

In the a.m.

1. Get up slowly in the morning and go to the bathroom.
2. Drink some water, have some tea, and journal about my dreams and/or my feelings about the day ahead.
3. Work out a little (usually 25 minutes of Essentrics at home, or a walk by the beach).
4. Eat a small breakfast, usually juice or a smoothie.
5. Shower or freshen up for my day ahead.
6. Gather my things, double check I'm prepared and know my schedule for the day, then take off!


in the p.m.

1. Wrap up my work for the day and maybe take in a yoga class.
2. Have dinner at home. 
3. Watch something on t.v.  or go for a walk.
4. Read a bit and have a tea.
5. Journal, if I have stuff to work through from my day.
6. Get ready for bed, including saying "I love you. You're doing great. Everything is okay." to myself in the mirror (I haven't stopped doing that).
7. Set my essential oil diffuser and go to bed.


This isn't what I did every day, but for a good chunk of time it was what I did most days. And it felt great! The timing of how long I spent on each activity changed based on how much time I had that day and how much I was needing each aspect of my routine.

I can easily fall out of my routine, which is okay, so long as I have a backbone of a routine to fall back on. It's when I forget to allow any time for me that things go south. And I know you can probably relate, which is why routine feels nice. It happens naturally and almost without effort. It's about giving your body and mind what it needs to live a more comfortable life.

Routine Breeds Comfort & Stability

Support, we all love it. A routine can bring you support in times of unrest. For example, say you're going through a promotion at work and your schedule, including travel and duties, will need to be adapted. This is something you're not used to, so naturally you'll be excited while your body starts to freak out over time. 

When I have a routine, I know I have something in my life that doesn't change. This helps keep my body regular, and my mind in the right place when I wake up and when I go to bed at night.

Routine Sets Boundaries

Once you have a routine in place, it becomes easier to say no to the things that will affect your routine (i.e. what you need in your life to remain sane and grounded).  For example, if you take a half hour every day to run in the afternoon, you won't want to accept anything into your schedule that will take away from that, otherwise you won't feel like you anymore.

Boundaries are super important if you want to set a routine, especially one that includes "me" time, which you all know I'm a huge fan of! Without the chance to regroup every day and do your thing, you'll feel lost and out of charge, instead of in charge of your life.

routine will help you accomplish your goals

With a routine in place, everything else becomes easier to handle. Whether you're trying to work out more, eat healthier, or just spend more time with loved ones, giving a framework to your day can really help get you the space you need to accomplish your goals.

Try it out. Set the foundation of your day so you can take care of you first, then allow for space to reach your goals, dreams, and desires.

Routine will Change

Unless you're my father (I love you dad!), your routine will likely change over the course of your life as your needs, your career, and your habits change. That's okay! Let it adapt with you. Once you feel like you're in the groove then you know you're flowing in your new routine.


Why am I harping on having a routine? It's helped me so much to know what I'm doing day after day that I can't go without one now. There are things I have to do in a day in order to feel less anxious about my life, so I do them. And when I get off track, I find a way to get back on. That's important to me and I have a feeling, being that we are all human, that you also have things that you need to have in your life.

If you look hard enough, I bet you have even some semblance of a routine in your life, whether it's what you eat, what you do and who you spend your time with, or how you start and end your day. If you're finding you need to get back to you, maybe try taking a break from your routine and start a new one. Listen to your body and see what it needs. The patterns will follow.