JMC 2.0


Yep, I’m literally a treehugger. And I couldn’t think of a better photo for introducing this post, since it’s dedicated to introducing the new direction of JMC in 2019.

Now, let’s get down to it!

The last 4 years of my life have been very transitional, always in flux as I’m guided in one direction or another by my growing passions and gaps in knowledge. For the first year of JMC, I took you along with me for the ride as I tried new things in business and in life. When I wrote, it wasn’t particularly strategic. There was thought behind it, but my topics were off the cuff, dependent on what I was feeling that day or week. But I never really curated my content.

My consultation practice remained general, open to help those who needed my assistance with food, lifestyle, or movement. But because of that, it was difficult for me to connect with clients both on a deeper level.

Without a focus, who was I attracting? How much was I learning about their specific problems in order to help them wholeheartedly?

I was spreading myself thin trying to help everyone who asked, which turned out to be exhausting! Sure, I was helping others reach their health goals to a degree, but I wanted to dive deeper into something that was really meaningful to me AND my clients, giving more attention to one pool instead of sitting shallow in a bunch of scattered puddles.

Then there’s the fact that my work was rather singular. I was cooking for others…by myself. I was also holding clinic hours…face-to-face with only one client at a time. It was a lonely game, which I now accept as fine because it allowed me to try things and understand what I did and didn’t like. I love working alone, but I also enjoy working in group with others, collaborating, creating, and growing, and I just wasn’t getting enough of that with what I was doing.

Part of the reason I moved back to Ontario to be closer to my support system was because I felt so lost. I felt supported by making that shift and a few emotional months later, here I am recognizing that the space I asked for and craved has really helped me get clarity on where I’m going next. And that’s what I’m unveiling to you today.

Since moving to Toronto in the new year, I’ve been honing in on the things I’m really good at so I know how best to spend my time and efforts in helping others. Keeping this mindset, it’s allowed me to be able to recognize my strengths in action and listen to what others are interested in when it comes to what I do in my everyday life.

Being able to give myself space to do this took practice and was a blessing. Since I live and breathe my work, it was natural that I would make the connection between what I’m good at and what others are asking of me. Overtime it was screaming at me and whenever I even tried to push it aside, it kept poking its head out until I finally grabbed hold.

So…what is my new focus?



BAM! That’s it. It’s what I practice in my daily life, what I am most drawn to learn more about on a daily basis, and a big part of what fuelled my interest in living a holistic lifestyle.

The thing is sustainability means different things to different people and it’s important that I stipulate exactly what it means to me and how I’ll be addressing it within JMC:

  • Upgrading your habits to make space for the life you want. I’m sure you have some habits you’d like to kick. And you probably see a better way of doing things that’ll make you happier, less stressed, give you more time, and make you feel better overall, but don’t know how to get there. I see sustainability as being applicable in many areas of life. I’ll be focusing on some of the same (food and diet, movement and lifestyle) while shifting into new areas to help you grow, from gardening and zero-waste to mindfulness and intuition.

  • Eating, rebalancing, and acting sustainably. Eating sustainably means consuming and preparing food in a way that fits your budget, lifestyle, schedule, taste, and most importantly your body and mind. Moving sustainably means being active in a way that rebalances you both mentally and physically, fills your bodies cravings for exercise and energy, and keeps you young, giving you more pain-free years. Acting sustainably means recognizing you are not a solo being, that you rely on planet Earth and all creatures and resources on it to survive. It’s applied in all areas of your life that you’re willing and wanting to pay attention to.

  • Designing your life with intention and awareness. In my mind, sustainability, intention, and awareness are all the same. It’s really important to be mindful in your everyday, recognizing where shift can happen and where improvements can be made. Initially, making steps and decisions with purpose and thought will be tough. With practice, they’ll become second nature, forming habits that work for you and are all around sustainable for your longevity.

  • Taking the earth into account. Yes, I’m concerned about the state of the planet and in my life I do all I can with the current knowledge I possess to make choices that will be kind to the earth. I recognize that my actions are extreme to some and not extreme enough to others. Not everyone wants to live just as I do and I’m not about to make you. I’m a realist and I understand that we have to be happy on this planet, too. It’s a balance. Overall, I’m concerned with whether what you’re doing is sustainable for you, your life, and the planet in whatever balance feels right to you.


How I Found My Focus

I sat back, watched, and listened long enough to really hear the answer. It was right in front of my face the whole time, my brain just wouldn’t allow me attach myself to it. Apparently, I thought it wasn’t “cool” enough, or “deep” enough, or “expansive” enough. Except that it is. And the reason I know that is because it’s the one thing that fuels my passions the most, that I keep learning through and around, and that I live day in and day out that I never used to before. It’s also what seems to spark the most interest in other like-minded individuals who ask the questions around how I do what I do in my everyday life, those who want to know how to achieve sustainability for themselves.

Who I Want to Work With

Remember those people I mentioned who ask me how I do things - like cook from scratch, make my own household products, and live more closely aligned with the earth in a way that suits my body, my preferences, and my life? If that’s you, I would love to work with you. I found shift in my life, so I want to help others do the same. I want to work with those who care about the things I care about and who are looking for the answers I’ve either found already or can help them see for themselves.

We’ll learn together, too. It won’t be easy, but nothing worth having is. I’m going to challenge you, really push your boundaries and expand your knowledge, your capabilities, and your success, helping create a more balanced, sustainable life that you’re craving to live. One where you wake up excited to live out your day, to learn and explore, to see possibility and beauty in simplicity. What I teach is NOT hard, but it takes work and sometimes someone to support and guide you along the way. (Hint: that’s me!).

What to Expect

More of the same, just more thematic and purposeful, more focused on you, with more actionable items, education, community involvement, and intentional content. If you jive with that, great! If not, that’s okay too. There’s space in this world for everyone to get along with and learn from someone of their choice. I’ll be communicating in a way that reaches out to those who are looking for what I want to say and I’ll be responding to their questions, giving them the resources they need and ask for, and more directly helping them achieve their goals.

There will be an expansion and shift in my offerings, which will be reflected on my website in the coming weeks. If you don’t want to miss it, be sure to sign up for my newsletter below. I’m really excited about unleashing the parts of me and JMC that are lit up and ready for expansion. I hope you’re as excited as I am!