Golden Mylk Oatmeal

Oatmeal is traditionally a breakfast food. It’s hearty and can get you through any morning. If you’re out of breakfast options, this might be where you want to look. It’s also a very warming meal, comin’ at ya hot and fresh from the stove top!

I have another problem, though. I have a hard time not eating before bed, so to avoid eating junk, not being able to sleep, and waking up hungry, I’ve started making this guy to fill me up an hour or two before sleeping. He’s packed full of fibre and healthy fats, enough to keep you full for hours, AND helps me have a great poop in the morning!

Yep, now you want it.

There’s so much more to this dish, though:

  • Chia seeds and oats are high in fibre and when mixed with liquid, like water, expand and become sticky, grabbing ahold of other food particles in your tummy, helping eliminate more. But you need that water. Follow this guy up with a tall glass of eau and see what happens.

  • Turmeric, the main spice in golden mylk, is anti-inflammatory, helping soothe a sore tummy alongside the soothing gelatinous texture of the chia seeds and oats. Both of the recommended spice blends in this ingredient list also have black pepper, which, along with heat from cooking, help to activate curcumin (the anti-inflammatory compound found within turmeric).

  • The fats in this dish, along with the fibre, are super filling and, alongside the cinnamon in the golden mylk mixes (and in the recommended topping), help to regulate imbalanced blood sugar levels. So, even though this dish may be a tad sweet, the effects are less likely to have an effect on your body, soothing you to sleep instead of keeping you awake.

It’s delicious. I dare you to try it!


RECIPE: Golden Mylk Oatmeal



1/2C gluten-free rolled oats
1C filtered water
1t (or less) golden mylk spices, adjust for preference (recommended: Blume’s Turmeric Latte Mix or Minimalist Baker’s golden mylk mix)
pinch pink Himalayan salt
1/4C pureed or canned pumpkin (optional)
1/2T maple syrup
1T chia seeds
1T nut or seed butter (optional)
for topping:
1/2 banana, chopped
1/3C Homemade Hemp Seed Mylk
1T hemp seeds
a few dashes of cinnamon (because more is better)


  1. Whisk rolled oats, water, golden mylk mix, and salt in a medium pot and heat on medium-low, stirring often.

  2. Cook until oats are tender and liquid is almost gone.

  3. While oatmeal is still hot, mix in pumpkin (optional), maple syrup, chia seeds, and nut or seed butter (optional), stirring until incorporated.

  4. Pour into a bowl and top with suggested toppings, or add your own. Enjoy!