ESSENTRICS 103: Complementary Movement


Love yoga? Great! Love running? Great! Love cycling, cross fit, a good weights workout, dancing, or competitive sports? Great! Do you also want to continue to grow as an athlete, deepening your practice and continuing to strengthen while preventing injury and relieving pain? Then Essentrics is for you!

Since I’ve been back in Ontario I’ve been teaching a lot more Essentrics group classes. I’ve had the fortune of having a variety of students in my class, including yoga instructors, runners, and baseball players. After taking my classes, they’ve all said the same thing:

After doing Essentrics, I felt looser and my body was more prepared moving into my next practice. It’s a great complement to what I’m already doing.

The whole point of Essentrics is to make moving through life easier. That includes everything from walking, lifting, reaching, and bending, all the way through the most intense forms of exercise and movement you can imagine. It brings your body into balance, working through all the bones and joints in every workout by elongating muscles from one end of a muscle chain to the end.

The way I’ve been describing this practice to people lately, beyond the standard ‘dynamic stretching & strengthening workout’, is that it’s a gentle workout with a high impact. The movements are big and flowing, done while simultaneously relaxing and working your muscles. It sounds confusing, but once you try it out you understand just how natural it feels, liberating your body to feel long, tall, open, and rebalanced.


How does this benefit other forms of movement?

In order to be limber and flexible, ready to move in any direction safely, go deeper in warrior two with more strength and balance, or even walk taller with less pain and higher mobility, you have to rebalance your muscles and joints. In doing so, you become more aware of your body, feeling where you’re most imbalanced or the most free.

It’s amazing to think that a full-body workout can leave you feeling lighter, more energized instead of exhausted and beat down. But that’s exactly what Essentrics does. It puts your body in a zone of natural comfort and the more you do it, the more you feel like yourself again, ready to take on life or something a little more intense.