Learning Is A Full Time Job

I had a moment this past week. It started with me talking to someone about my business, which progressed into what clients want and are willing to pay for, down into me becoming emotional about the way the world is. Sometimes it’s hard for me to relate to the world of today. I find it easy to be bogged down by the world’s troubles, it’s one of the reasons I don’t watch the news. But, I also feel inclined to do something about it, which is why I try to educate others about the things I’m really passionate about in hopes it sparks change. Be the change you want to see in the world, right?

Next weekend, on April 13th, I’m running a workshop all about one of these topics. It started with my response to Canada's new food guide, wanting to break down the benefits and drawbacks of it. Then it grew into something a little more aligned with my beliefs, something that’s helped me that I know others could benefit from, too: learning how to eat intuitively and mindfully.


It’s a blessing and a curse that we have every bit of information available to us at our fingertips via books, the internet, television, radio, podcasts, and the like. On one hand, there’s a never ending stream of information readily available to you at the click of a button. You never have to wait to know the answer to something, it’s a life saver! On the other hand, aside from the fact that it can detract from original thought and discussion, the sheer abundance of information can become distrusted, misguided, misinterpreted, and misused. There’s so much information on any one given topic that it can be overwhelming:

  • Where do I even start looking?

  • What’s the best resource to use?

  • Which information is real and which is fake?

  • Who is right and who is wrong?

  • Who is paying for a higher spot on Google, which makes them look like the more popular or trustworthy source, and is the right information hidden on page 19 of the search results?

  • Am I asking the right questions to get the answers I need?

Learning can become frustrating and can take up a lot of time, when it should be fun! It’s good to remember that learning is only part of the journey, though. The other parts include you processing the information you receive - implementing it in your life, feeling whether it resonates with you, seeing where it guides you next - filtering and narrowing your perspective on the advice and guidance you take in. That part takes time, patience, and practice, which are all things that (in our current fast-paced world) are neglected in an effort to save time. I get it, you want answers fast so you can get on with other things. That’s cool, but when you blindly trust the advice of others without checking in with yourself, how do you really know the advice is right for YOU?

This is what led me to the topic of my workshop. I want to teach you how to touch base with yourself on a regular basis and really listen to what you and your body need at any given moment. My workshop is not about telling you which foods are good or bad for you. It’s about raising awareness of all the influences in your life that could be contributing to your diet, giving you control over your eating habits by giving YOU clarity, freeing you from stress around knowing what to eat. I take an individualized approach to health and invite you to do the same.

If this is something that seems like it could help you, please join me on Saturday, April 13th for my integrative and educational workshop. I’d love to see you there!