Nutritious & Yummy Salad Toppers

So, you think your salad game is on point, eh?! I’m sure it is, but why not try something new once in a while? I find I have to keep reminding myself to add variety to the same old, same old in order to spice things up and get a good balance of nutrients.

In keeping with this theme, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite salad additions that bring colour and excitement to any salad. No one said salad had to consist solely of lettuce and other raw vegetables, so spice things up already!


5 Salad Toppers To Spice Up Any Salad


Before you skip to the next one, let me tell you about my favourite cabbage to add to salad…Napa cabbage! It’s softer, so it’s easier to chew and digest than head cabbage, plus it’s still a bit crispy and adds a nice bright light green to a dark green salad.

Cabbage is loaded with vitamins C and K, good for immunity and bone building. It’s also a good support food for the liver. If you can’t handle it raw, specifically head cabbage, try lightly steaming it first.


If you want a little crunch and some extra protein from the plant world, sprinkle on some small seeds or some chunky nuts. My faves are sesame seeds (which go great with Napa cabbage…wink, wink), sunflower seeds, and coconut flakes.

Raw nuts & seeds are high in healthy fats and added protein. I usually stock up on seeds and coconut flakes (most can be purchased on the cheap) and toss them on my salads to round them out.


Think dill, mint, chives (and their flowers), parsley, cilantro, and basil. Mmm!! You can toss basically any herbs onto a salad and it takes it to the next level! There are some tricks, of course. For one, herbs are more concentrated in nutrients and other properties that when consumed in high amounts, may cause digestive upset. Try to stick to 1-2 tablespoons of chopped herbs per large salad.

Some of my favourites to add are chocolate mint, dill, and basil. All soft herbs, they’re less potent in defending properties and blend well with most any flavours from greens and vegetables.


Ever had fresh strawberries on a salad? Maybe with some basil, tomato, soft white cheese, cucumber, and balsamic vinaigrette? Holy heck. Fresh fruit adds a little sweetness to a salad, because dried fruit isn’t the only option. It’s also packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. Oh, and flavour too!

The best options to add are strawberries, blueberries, and blackberries. They hold their own without getting too juicy, like watermelon, mango, and pineapple. They also taste better with more food and don’t need to be matched with specific flavours.


If you’re low on dressing or ingredients to whip something up, try adding a dollop of hummus or veg dip (like this roasted beet dip) to your salad along with a splash of olive oil and lemon juice. It makes a salad creamy and more hearty, and is surprisingly not gross (which is the first thing I thought when I saw someone add it to a salad before trying it).

Hummus and most other plant-based dips add a hit of protein and flavour, as well.