CLASS TYPES | Let’s Move Together 

1-hour or 45 minute group, private, or corporate classes tailored to your mobility needs that unlock your body, increase your flexibility, and free you from pain.


It uses everyday movements and motions that engage full muscle chains within your body, allowing for joints to open, muscles to increase flexibility, and pain to subside.

It increases your energy levels, improves your posture, protects your bones and joints, improves your mobility, balance, and body awareness in other activities like yoga and competitive sports, and gives you your body back.

It tones your body without strenuous movements and increases your overall mobility, making moving through life that much easier.

Start with a Complimentary Consultation

Let’s take 15 minutes to get to know each other before we decide to work together. This phone call is intended for you to express your goals and expectations and for us to see whether we're a good fit for each other.


Private Classes

Personalized classes held privately, in-home, customized to suit your personal physical needs and goals. A private class is for you if:

you don’t have time to get to a studio, but want to fit in workouts at home

you don’t enjoy group classes, preferring to work on your fitness from home

you want extra attention as you move, getting help to work through your limitations or enhancing your personal practice

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Corporate Classes

Uplifting classes held in a corporate studio or shared work space designed to loosen up your tight muscles and increase energy to get you through your day. Corporate classes are great for a team to:

find more energy to get through a busy day

incorporate movement in a more static work environment

build community and positive reinforcement among colleagues

Contact for availability and rates.

Group Classes

Dynamic classes held in-studio or a designated outdoor location that will motivate you to move creatively, leaving you feeling lighter, taller, and stronger. Group classes are for you if:

you want to build upon other practices in your repertoire

you vibe off the energy of others

you love to be challenged by a live instructor, building your practice week after week

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