IN-HOME MEAL PREP | Seasonal & Sustainable

From scratch vegan and vegetarian meal prep sessions where whole food is holistically prepared for you based on your nutritional needs in your own home using low-impact cooking methods and reusable, eco-friendly storage containers.

It’s sustainable for you, your home, and the planet

It fits your nutritional needs, your schedule, and your budget.

It’s cooked with food grown as locally and organically as possible, picked and used seasonally, purchased with only reusable containers and bags, and prepared without disposable papers and products.

It uses shopping, cooking, and cleaning methods that use less water, food packaging, food waste, disposable meal packaging, harmful ingredients, and time.

The best part? You’ll save money, resources, and the hassle of preparing delicious, nutritious meals when you already don’t have enough time in your day.


Let’s take 15 minutes to get to know each other before we decide to work together. This phone call is intended for you to express your goals and expectations and for us to see whether we're a good fit for each other.

OFFERINGS | Coming Soon

Check back shortly for personalized meal prep offerings cooked in your own home and tailored to your individual needs and tastes. In the mean time, reach out for more details or to save a spot for the spring session.



Kathryn & Jesse Percy (Vancouver, B.C.)

Kathryn & Jesse Percy (Vancouver, B.C.)

“When we hired Jacqueline to help us with meal creations, we had one toddler and a baby due in a few weeks. I didn’t have the energy to make healthy meals and my husband was always working late. We decided to hire Fresh in your Fridge to help keep us fed with whole, healthy foods. We loved having Jacqueline as our chef, she always made beautiful, delicious food and listened to what we liked and disliked. A few weeks later our daughter arrived and it was a blessing knowing that we were all eating nutritious meals. Not having to cook but being able to have simple, yet healthy and tasty meals at our fingertips was one thing less for us to worry about. We’d highly recommend Jacqueline and the team!”

Rachelle Wintzen, Founder at Chi Junky Yoga Studio (Toronto, O.N.)

Rachelle Wintzen, Founder at Chi Junky Yoga Studio (Toronto, O.N.)

“I am honoured to write a testimonial for Jacquie. She has been pivotal in maintaining and inspiring my nutrition journey. I have long days and very busy weeks which creates challenges for personally finding the time to meal prep and cook. Eating healthy and following a dietary routine is essential to me but sometimes challenging with my busy weeks. Jacquie understand my needs and helps me to do what sometimes I don't have time to do. She has been a great help with keeping me on track with meal preparation and cooking for me when I don't have time to do it for myself. She is excellent at listening to clients needs and how to best support them through whatever their journey may be.

For me she has alleviated the worry of finding time to grocery shop, organize my kitchen and has been above and beyond for providing me with healthy and delicious meals. Jacquie comes to my home and preps all my meals for the week, in addition she will freeze large batch soups for when I get home late and don't feel like cooking. She has listened to all my food likes and dislikes and works with me to ensure what she cooks are within my dietary needs and portion sizes. Her cooking is incredible and makes the best tasting meals that are super clean. She is so creative with recipes including these to die for raw vegan cheesecakes that are totally clean and guilt free. Even those that aren't into super clean eating LOVE her cooking because it is just so delicious.

With no exaggeration she has been life changing for me, not only does she stock my fridge, freezer and cupboards FULL of incredible food to sustain my lifestyle and keep me healthy she leaves my kitchen in better shape than when I left it. She organizes the kitchen and keeps it in meticulous shape, super clean! Cleaner than I leave it and I am pretty particular! She has such a lovely personality that brings so much love and laughter into your home and genuinely cares so much about her clients well being. Now that I have experienced her cooking and her larger than life personality I couldn't imagine my home without her touch and presence. I cannot recommend her enough as a holistic chef, nutritionist and all around fantastic human being.”