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What Should I Eat?: An Individualized, Intuitive Approach @ Chi Junky Yoga Studio

It’s tough to know how to eat to feel your best. There’s a lot of information out there and without proper guidance, it’s not easy to know where to look or who to trust. Should you eat what your neighbour eats, what your partner eats, or what your sibling eats? And how important is food in the full spectrum of health? It can be rather overwhelming, not to mention frustrating, especially when you layer in time, money, and personal dietary restrictions, not to mention the introduction of a radically different food guide from the Canadian government.

Join me in this workshop to understand what to eat to create a strong foundation for your health that can prevent disease and sustain a healthy body and mind. We’ll also break down the components, improvements, and limitations of Canada's new food guide together, as well as explore how to interpret and adjust it to suit your individual needs.