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Wellness Series Part 4: Plan for Lasting Success @ Yoga Bar[re]

This workshop is presented by Lauren Finkelstein and Stephanie Gladman. JMC is an affiliate of this workshop and will be providing the food for the following session:


Looking for that secret ingredient to a healthy lifestyle? As nutrition and fitness experts, we embody the notion that the key to success is planning ahead - “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Wrap up this 4-part series with strategies for perfecting the art of meal prep while being kind and realistic with yourself. Strengthen and stretch every single muscle in your body to maintain lasting physical health and prevent injuries. Learn mindfulness tools to help you balance effort with ease both on and off of your mat!

This session will include:

  • Two full body workouts! Essentrics and Yoga

  • A nutrition talk, snacks and take-home recipes

  • Goal setting session for your mind, body & soul

  • Q & A, myth busters and more!